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Rob Enderle

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Rob Enderle (born July 27, 1954 in Corona, California) is an American technology analyst.[1]

Enderle has worked at several technology companies, including EMS Development Company, ROLM Systems and IBM, before becoming a technology analyst. He began his analyst career at Dataquest, before helping to launch GiGa Information Group. After GiGa was acquired by Forrester Research, he worked at Forrester [2] until leaving to found his own firm, the Enderle Group.

Enderle covers a wide array of technology companies and related industry topics [3] and is frequently contacted by the media for his opinion on breaking news and other happenings in the technology realm.[4] He has been recognized for his expertise by being the most quoted technology analyst in the media [5] and one of the “ten best techies worth following on Twitter.” [6]

Enderle writes a number of columns for technological publications and regularly appears on radio and television.[7] He sits on several advisory councils, including those for the Trusted Computing Group,[8] Lenovo, AMD, HP, and the Lifeboat Foundation.[9] He shares a technology blog at Technology Pundits. He has worked as an advisor for Microsoft,[10] Dell, and Toshiba.[11]


Enderle frequently comments in the media on a variety of technology companies, including HP,[12] Google,[13] Sony,[14] Microsoft [15] and Oracle,[16] and on technology-related topics, such as security [17] and consumer technology.[18]


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