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Michael J. Higatsberger

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Michael J. Higatsberger (June 8, 1924 - January 7, 2004) was Professor for Experimental Physics of the University of Vienna.

In 1991 he was just as Tor Ragnar Gerholm and Se Won Yoon a Vice Chairman of the 'International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences' (ICUS). [1] ICUS can be seen as part of Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church (UC) and it is sponsored by UC's International Cultural Foundation (ICF). In that same year Michael J. Higatsberger became a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Science and Environmental Policy Project (SEPP). SEPP started in 1990 as an affiliate of UC's Washington Institute for Values in Public Policy.

Also after the ICUS conference in 1991, Michael J. Higatsberger stayed active in that organization in 1995 [2], 1999 [3], and 2000 [4].

Like most SEPP board members he was one of the signers of the Leipzig Declaration.

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