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John Carlisle

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John Carlisle, is the Editor of the newsletters Organization Trends and Foundation Watch published by the conservative think tank, the Capital Research Center. Prior to joining CRC he worked for the National Center for Public Policy Research.

According to his biographical note "John has published op/eds in more than 250 newspapers and authored numerous policy papers covering the environment, education, welfare, crime, legal reform and health care. His work has appeared or been cited in the Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Sun-Times, Houston Chronicle, Boston Globe, Christian Science Monitor, US News and World Report, Sun-Sentinel, St. Paul Pioneer Press and CNS News. He has also appeared on Fox News Channel and BBC television. He earned a bachelors degree in political science at North Carolina State University and a masters in political science at Boston College." [1]

External links

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  • John Carlisle, "George Soros and MoveOn.org: his plan to defeat George Bush: part 2: his money and the internet are new tools for advocacy politics", Foundation Watch, Capital Research Center, March 2004.
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