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The Tobacco Portal

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Welcome to TobaccoWiki the online research project to which anyone can contribute. We need your help to mine the millions of pages of previously-secret, internal tobacco industry documents now posted on the Internet. The purpose of Tobaccowiki is to make it easier to find information about tobacco industry behavior, and to reveal what has been learned about the industry through its documents.

Like Wikipedia, the collaborative, online, free encyclopedia, Tobaccowiki is also a collaborative project. We need you to help us search through the tobacco industry documents now available online and enter information here about what you find. We welcome participation from everyone: students, journalists, smokers and non-smokers, food service workers, public health workers, tobacco control advocates, musicians, scientists, researchers and just plain curious folks. Everyone is invited to join in this project to facilitate access to information in the tobacco industry documents.

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Tobacco topics

Additives | Airlines | Brainstorming documents | Brand information | Cigarette contaminants | Cigarette design | Consumer letters | Countermeasures against public health activities/programs| End-game strategies | Fire-safe cigarettes | Health claims/health reassurance | Hypotheses | In context of other drugs | Industry-related organizations | Tobacco industry responses to actions directed against it | Lawsuits | Legislation | Miscellaneous tobacco document information | Nicotine and nicotine addiction | People | PR strategies | Projects & operations | Promotions | Published papers about tobacco industry documents| Secondhand smoke| Secondhand smoke workers compensation cases and deaths | Smokers | Smoking accessories and paraphernalia | Smoking initiation | Smoking in popular culture | Smuggling | Symbolism of smoking | Target marketing | Tobacco advertising | Tobacco industry information by country | Tobacco industry glossary and acronyms | Tobacco industry activity by state | Tort reform | Youth


Related portals

  • United States Department of Justice Final Findings of Fact in U.S. v. Philip Morris et al. Final conclusions of the judge in the 1999-2006 federal legal case in which tobacco companies were found guilty of conspiracy, racketeering and defrauding the public. (1,682 pages in PDF format) For background on the case see The U.S. Government's racketeering case against Big Tobacco
  • Bibliography of published tobacco document research articles List of all published journal articles that have studied, or that cite tobacco industry documents.
  • British American Tobacco Documents Archive - Previously secret documents from the British American Tobacco Company, all searchable by keyword. (Contains approximately 7 million pages).
  • UCSF Tobacco Industry Videos-Free, online archive of a wide range of videos produced for internal and external consumption by tobacco companies. Previously only available by traveling to the Minnesota Archive.
  • UCSF Tobacco Industry Audio Recordings-Online archive of audio recordings produced by tobacco companies.
  • Tobacco Documents Online-the first online database of tobacco industry documents to hit the Internet.
  • Tobacco Videos-Roswell Park Cancer Institute's collection of tobacco videos, searchable by brand or keyword (find ads featuring pilots, dogs, cars, trains, doctors, etc.)
  • Tobacco Facts- Daily updated tobacco news and information.
  • Tobacco News- Gene Borio's incredible news archive.
  • The Tobacco Timeline - A detailed history of tobacco, and efforts to minimize its damage to humanity, dating back to 6,000 B.C.
  • Smoking statistics
  • Images from the Campaign by the Tobacco Industry to Hide the Hazards of Smoking - Extensive Stanford University collection of advertisements from the 1920s - 1950s.
  • UK Tobacco Industry Advertising Documents Database -Search, view and download over 650 documents from the United Kingdom tobacco industry's main advertising agencies ranging from 1994 to 1999.
  • Searchable National SmokeFree Dining Guide- Add your favorite smoke free restaurant.

Things you can do

Tobacco Industry Projects & Operations

We need help making sure that all tobacco industry projects and operations listed in TobaccoWiki appear on this clickable, alphabetical list of such projects. Help us by going through the industry Projects and Operations page and making sure that the category "Tobacco industry projects and operations" appears at the bottom of each article. Type the category at the bottom of each article like this: [[Category:Tobacco industry projects and operations|Operation Apodixis]] (The vertical line before "Operation Apodixis" is called a "pipe," and it is found on most keyboards above the backslash (/) key.) Thanks for your help, and enjoy reading about all the projects!

If this is your first time editing on SourceWatch, you can register here, and learn more about adding information to the site here, here and here. Have fun, and thanks for your help!


Selected video/audio

Goofy smokes

This 1951 Walt Disney animated film starring Goofy amounts to a social commentary on nicotine addiction and the smoking lifestyle.

Why tobacco matters

The strategies, propaganda tactics and corporate behaviors employed by the tobacco industry can give insight into the behavior of other multinational industries and corporations. To that end,TobaccoWiki seeks to increase public understanding of tobacco industry strategies to deceive the public about the health effects of smoking and secondhand smoke; delay regulation of cigarettes, influence regulation and standards in their favor;market their products more heavily in the third world, where there is less regulation; market to young people; form front groups, coalitions and fake "grassroots" groups to do the industry's bidding; leverage human emotional and psychological needs to make cigarette advertising more effective; target less-educated, low income and minority ethnic groups; alter the American judicial system to block lawsuits ("tort reform"); intimidate legislators, regulators, public health scientists and voluntary health organizations; draft and pass laws in their favor; preempt local efforts to limit indoor smoking; engineer cigarettes for addiction, and much, much more.

Like Wikipedia, the collaborative, online, free encyclopedia, Tobaccowiki is also a collaborative project. We welcome participation from everyone: students young and old, journalists, smokers and non-smokers, food service workers, public health workers, tobacco control advocates, musicians, scientists, researchers and just plain curious folks.

Selected article

Brainstorming for a Full Page Newspaper Ad

Participants at a 1993 Philip Morris (PM) meeting were asked to brainstorm about a headline to be used in a PM-paid, full-page "advertorial" to be placed in a major European newspaper. The document contains ideas from that brainstorming session. Ideas floated by PM employees include ridiculing the idea that people have a right to clean air, and threatening society by saying that "if we shut off smoking as a pressure release, stress will build and be released in a more destructive manner than smoking. (Use specific examples like the smoker who punched a flight attendant.)" Other ideas for the headline included:

  • "Life Causes Death! (Explain how lifestyles differ, the importance of lifestyle freedom and diversity, and the relation between lifestyle and risk...)"
  • "The Greatest Myth of the Century: Passive smoking is a major (public health) problem. (Explain why passive smoking is not a major problem. Describe how and why activists have turned it into a giant Pink Elephant. Explain in detail how all the attention and resources dedicated to ETS/smoking distracts from more pressing political 'real life' problems ...)"
  • "Smokers outside: Are smokers drug addicts? ... Explain clearly the differences between smokers an drug addicts as to ridicule the comparison ... Focus on the increasingly common phenomenon of having to smoke outside ..."
  • "Is American Intolerance/Puritanism coming to Europe?"
  • "Do non-smokers have the right to 'smoke-free air'? (One of the claims often made is that N-S [non-smokers] have the right to 'smoke-free' or 'clean' air ... Develop arguments that show flawed logic, i.e., if we accept the anti's premise, then all cars should be banned also..."
  • "If stop smoking, the Stress Will Kill You! (Develop and support the argument that anti-smoking scare tactics lead to increased stress because of smoker harassment/discrimination which turns out to be a worse problem. Society needs its pressure-release valves and if we shut off smoking as a pressure release, stress will build and be released in a more destructive manner than smoking. Use specific examples like the smoker who punched a flight attendant.)"

The document also states "we must position [the antis] as extreme and unreasonable," and proposes ways PM could do this:

  • "Anti-smoking has become a profit business in its own industry."
  • "Expose anti links to pharmaceutical/WHO [World Health Organization], Mormons, bureaucrats, public health officials, other ...
  • "Develop arguments through research on antis and Intolerance, Zeal and Puritanism ..."

To see the document for yourself, click here


Selected picture


Tobacco news

Ban on tobacco sales in drug stores survives appeal

Philip Morris said that San Francisco's ban on selling cigarettes in drug stores infringed on the company's First Amendment rights to freedom of speech, but the Ninth Circuit Court disagreed. The ordinance, which took effect in October, 2008 and was the first of its type in the country, prohibits sales of cigarettes and other tobacco products in San Francisco's nearly 60 drugstores. Philip Morris argued that the ban effectively forced the company to pull its advertising out of the stores, which interfered with its constitutional right to communicate with customers. But the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco concluded that the ordinance does not restrict freedom of expression, saying that the city "limits where cigarettes may be sold; it doesn't prevent (Philip Morris) from advertising." The court ruled 3-0 to uphold a lower court judge's denial of an injunction against the ordinance.

Source: Bob Egelko, San Francisco Chronicle, S.F. ban on tobacco in drugstores survives, September 10, 2009.


Did you know...

Quotes to Note

"Smoking and health is of little concern to the African people and it seems not to be a popular issue among them. However, if an anti-smoking campaign supported by religious leaders and/or the medical profession is developed, this could seriously affect consumption because of the mentality of the Africans, and their faith in their religious leaders and doctors."

--From a 1979 Philip Morris Five Year Plan (for 1980-1984). 82 Pages long. This quote is found on Bates page --6084 (marked as Page 130 of the original document). View the document here.

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