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National Center for Policy Analysis

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The National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) is a free market think tank primarily funded by private foundations established by wealthy conservative business families and billionaires, including Charles and David Koch. It is a "communications and research foundation dedicated to providing free market solutions to today's public policy problems ... [and] prides itself on aggressively marketing its products for maximum impact by 'targeting key political leaders and special interest groups, establishing on-going ties with members of the print and electronic media, and testifying before Congress, federal agencies, state lawmakers, and national organizations.'" -- NCRP, The Strategic Philanthropy of Conservative Foundations[1]It develops and promotes private, free-market alternatives to government regulation and control, and encourages reliance on the private sector.[2]



In 2009, the NCPA had almost $5.2 million in assets and took in about $4.2 million in revenue.[3]

Funders (and total estimated amounts given, according to MediaMatters):

Founding Board Members

The NCPA began its existence in 1983 at the University of Dallas.

Board Members


Fellows, Policy Analysts



Former staff

NCPA Projects

Environmental Task Force

See also, The E-Team[7]

Center for European Policy Analysis

Founded in 2006 as a Washington, D.C.-based non-profit an affiliate, The Center for European Policy Analysis promotes "open markets, minimal government, and free trade" and "seeks to generate ideas and identify practical solutions for the policy dilemmas confronting the Central European community of nations, promote a more active Central European voice in Euro-Atlantic affairs, and reinvigorate U.S.-Central European relations. [8]

Consumer Driven Health Care

NCPA "provided the intellectual justification and rationale for individual self-insurance. Between the time the NCPA task force was formed in 1990 and Health Savings Accounts became a reality in 2004, NCPA scholars made more than 250 presentations — speeches, briefings, testimonies, etc. — in virtually every state." [9]

Debate Central

The NCPA created this site for "students researching the nationwide high school debate topic."[10]

Taxes and Growth

The NCPA created this site to provide documents on "free-market tax policy."[11]


The NCPA created this project to "educate policy makers, opinion leaders and the general public about the economic problems facing Social Security and the benefits of personal investment-based reform." [12]

Women in the Economy

The NCPA created this project to gear its content specifically towards women. [13]


Foundations gave the following amounts to the National Center for Policy Analysis think tank in 2005: [7]

The NCPA web site states that in 2006 it receives 62% of its funding from foundations, 21% from corporations, and 17% from individuals. [8] Between 1985 and 2005, the Center received $8,499,850 in 161 separate grants.

Previous years:

Contact details

12770 Coit Rd., Suite 800
Dallas, TX 75251-1339
Phone: (972) 386-6272
Fax: (972) 386-0924

601 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Suite 900 South Building
Washington, DC 20004
Phone: (202) 220-3082
Fax: (202) 220-3096
Email: media AT


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