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Greening Earth Society

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The Greening Earth Society (GES) was a group that was funded and controlled by the Western Fuels Association (WFA), an association of coal-burning utility companies. WFA founded the group in 1997, according to an archived version of it website, "as a vehicle for advocacy on climate change, the environmental impact of CO2, and fossil fuel use."[1]


The Rise and Fall of GES

The group, which appears to have collapsed in 2005, claimed that greenhouse gas emissions are a good thing because they will lead to greater plant growth and a greener environment. It claims that this viewpoint constitutes a "scientifically-sound perspective on the increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide."[2]

According to a 1988 report by the Clearinghouse on Environmental Advocacy and Research, Greening Earth Society and Western Fuels "are located at the same office suite in Arlington, VA. They share the same leader, Fred Palmer, several WFA board members serve as the board for GES, and they have the same 'manager of communications and governmental affairs,' Ned Leonard. Leonard and Palmer are both registered lobbyists for Western Fuels Association."[3]

Greening Earth Society's view on carbon dioxide is widely rejected by scientists. While Canada, Alaska and Siberia might have such a mild increase, Europe is expected to become colder due to shifts of the Gulf Stream, and the heavily populated belt on the Earth's equator is expected be rendered a scorching desert, in effect expanding the Sahara to Asia. Sea level rise is expected to displace whole populations and spread dangerous diseases. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change estimated that over three billion people would be directly affected, many in technologically and militarily sophisticated nations.[citation needed]

GES's "Scientific Advisers"

Between 1998[4] and September 2001[5], GES listed its "scientific advisers" as being:

  • Mark P. Mills was listed as being a "scientific adviser: between 1998[4] and November 2000.[6]


World Climate Report, edited by Patrick J. Michaels

Former Contact information

Greening Earth Society
333 John Carlyle Street, Suite 530
Alexandria, VA 22314
Phone: 703-684-4748
Fax: 703-684-6297
Toll Free: 800-529-4503

Their website, previously at is defunct (as of January 2008). Archived versions can be seen on the Internet Archive. Here is the most recent archived version, from June 2005.

Articles and Resources

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External Articles

  • The Viridian Design Movement has published a critique of the Greening Earth Society.
  • Joel Achenbach, "The Tempest: As evidence mounts that humans are causing dangerous changes in Earth's climate, a handful of skeptics are providing some serious blowback", The Washington Post Magazine, May 28, 2006.
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