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EPA Watch

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EPA Watch was a newsletter edited by Bonner Cohen that accused the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency of everything from destroying the U.S. economy to trying to stop people from taking showers. It was part of a campaign by the U.S.tobacco industry to destroy the EPA's credibility, after an EPA study concluded in 1992 that secondhand cigarette smoke causes lung cancer.

A Philip Morris strategy document describes EPA Watch as an "asset" created by PM funding allocated "to establish groups . . . that have a broader impact for PM."[1]

Another Philip Morris strategy memo, by PM vice president of Corporate Affairs Ellen Merlo, discusses plans to promote "EPA Watch/Bonner Cohen as expert on EPA matters, i.e., regular syndicated radio features on EPA activities, . . . news bureau function, speaking engagements, whatever can be done to increase his visibility and credibility on matters dealing with the EPA."[citation needed][2]

Dr. Bonner Cohen was editor of EPA WATCH from 1992 to 1999.[citation needed][3]

EPA Watch was published by the American Policy Center (APC), headed by long-time PR pro Thomas DeWeese.

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