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Consumer Rights Coalition

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The Consumer Rights Coalition describes itself as a "consumer-based organization dedicated to ensuring that Americans will continue to have access to all forms of credit." But the organization is really a front group for payday lenders and by "all forms of credit" they really mean payday loans.



On April 22, 2010, NPR wrote about the payday loan industry saying that President Barack Obama was pressing for new measures to regulate financial services. One group "is fighting especially hard to try to get themselves exempt from tough, new regulations proposed by the administration. That's the payday loan industry."

"They offer short-term loans to people who need cash. These lenders say they're offering an important service to people who really need it, whom other financial industries have ignored. But critics say they prey on poor people with interest rates that can run into the triple digits."[1]

Links page

Their website gives financial advice but for more advice and information their links page directs people to sites such as:[2]


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Contact details

Consumer Rights Coalition
P.O. Box 33043
Washington, DC 20033-3043
Email: info AT

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  2. Resources, Consumer Rights Coalition, accessed November 2010.

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  • Zach Carter, 'The Hill' Goes To Bat For Payday Lenders, Campaign for America's Future, April 20, 2010.
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