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Consumer Distorts

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This article is part of the Center for Media & Democracy's spotlight on front groups and corporate spin.

Consumer Distorts was a parody web site created by Steven J. Milloy to attack Consumer Reports magazine. Launched in the fall of 1999, characterized the magazine's publisher, Consumers Union, as a "lobbying group that advocates extreme environmental positions" and accused it of publishing "'sensational' reports that advance its political agenda." Milloy took particular exception to the magazine's reporting on food biotech, plastics and pesticides and said its reporting was really anti-consumer, because it "needlessly alarms consumers about the safety of consumer goods" which "reduces consumer choice by scaring consumers away from products."[1]

Milloy stopped adding new material to the "Consumer Distorts" site in March 2000. After that date, the domain name for began redirecting visitors to Milloy's main site, the Junk Science Home Page.


Contact Details

  • A mirror of the Consumer Distorts home page still exists on the site.
  • has been preserved for posterity on the Wayback Machine of the Internet Archive.

Articles and Resources


  1. "About Consumer Distorts", Consumer, accessed March 2008.

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External Articles

  • Consumers Union Statement About Consumer Distorts, December 1999.
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