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Coalition for Responsible Regulation

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This article is a stub. You can help by expanding it.

This article is a stub. You can help by expanding it.

This article is part of the Center for Media & Democracy's spotlight on front groups and corporate spin.


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Coalition for Responsible Regulation Inc is a little known front group with strong links to European Chemical Giant Solvay. From The Guardian :"The connection to the chemical firm Solvay suggests opposition to action on global warming, once spearheaded by big oil, is spreading to other industries that will also be affected by proposals to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and five other greenhouse gases."[1]

The Coalition for Responsible Regulation filed a lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency in 2009 to challenge the latter's endangerment finding over Greenhouse gases[2] . Since that filing, a total of sixteen other petitions have been filed and have been consolidated with the Coalition case.


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